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  • About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - The Emerald Isle

Sri  Lanka  is  a  destination  that  has  got  all  the  necessary  holiday  ingredients  hence the reason it is often accompanied by the descriptive title of ‘magical magnificence’.  Once  you  step  off  that  plane  and  onto  Sri  Lankan  soil  you  are  part  of  an unforgettable  experience  that  will  leave  you  longing  for  more.  Sri  Lanka  is  a  land which  traces  its  lineage  back  to  the  beginning  of  time  and  here  is  a  country  within which there is so much to discover and experience. The ruins of ancient civilizations stand  testament  to  a  great  past  while  man‐made  tanks  belonging  to  centuries  long gone  continue  to  amaze  modern  day  scientists.  The  jungles  are  home  to  wild leopards  and  the  oceans  are  filled  with  dolphins  and  whales.  Modern  fast‐paced cities  amidst  traditional  rituals  and  customs. Even in the 21st century this little island  continues  to  amaze  and  hold  travelers  captive  by  the  range  of  possibilities available is such a compact space.

Popularly known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an exotic destination with a population of over 21 million. The diversity a traveller finds within an area of 65,525 is  what  makes  Sri  Lanka  one  of  the  most  sought  after  destinations  in the  21st  century.  Sri  Lanka gives  an opportunity  for  you to  explore  its  rich  culture and  heritages,  a  history  of  over  2,500  years,  the  flora  and  fauna  and  the  golden beaches.  With  a  history  boasting  of  over  2,500  years,  the  island  offers  you  a  rock fortress, the  highest  density  of  leopards,  cocktails  of  beautiful  gems,  the  best  tea  in the world to the most hospitable and friendly people in the planet.  With over 1,340 km of golden coastline, Sri Lanka is “the place” to enjoy the sun, sea and the sand.

Visit  Sri  Lanka  and  encounter  its  people,  places  and  customs  first  hand.  The  Kandy Perehara  is  a  annual  temple  procession  cum  festival  which  comprises  of  fire‐dancers, elephants, drummers and even stilt walkers to name a few. The 5th century citadel of Sigiriya, also considered to be the 8th Wonder of the World, was the palace of  a  suicidal  king.  The  beaches  of  Unawatuna  and  Passikudah  mirror  paradise regained while the hills of Nuwara  Eliya  are  reminiscent  of  a  colonial  era  in  a  little English  town.  The  delicious  local  delicacies  of  rice  and  some  spicy  curries,  rotti,biriyani  or  lamprais  washed  down  with  some  homemade ginger  beer or  thambili will tantalize your senses.

Come  and  discover  the  unbridled  hospitality of this fascinating land with Euphoria Exotic Holidays, which is a reflection of Sri Lanka and all it stands for.

Sunshine is in abundance all year round. The average temperature is around 27°C in Colombo.  The  temperature  gradually  drops  as  the  land  rises  towards  the  hill-country, with some parts of the highland as low as 10°C.The  island  has  two  wet  monsoon  seasons;  briefly  between  May  and  July  in  the southwest  region  and  between  December  and  January  in  the  northeast.  However, Sri  Lanka  has  no  off‐season  per  se  as  clear  blue  skied  bright  sunny  days  are  the general rule even during the wet season.

Communication is rarely a problem as English is widely spoken in most parts of the country.  Place  names  and  signboards  are  generally  displayed  in  all  three  official languages of the country.

Official languages: Sinhala, Tamil and English.